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The C.S.M. Biro, specialized in consulting and engineering, consists of architectural and structural departments. It was established in 2002 as an independent business firm with the capital of the founders and is organized as a company with limited responsibility. Founders of the firm are (Mrs.) Mirjana Milojkovic – B.Sc. C.E. CEO, and (Mr.) Vojislav Marisavljevic - B.Sc.C.E, technical manager. The main activities of the firm are relative to the preparation of architectural and civil engineering documentation for all kinds of new structures, as well as design documents for rehabilitation and renovation of existing structures. In addition to design of building construction projects, the firm C.S.M. Biro is also engaged in design of special purpose buildings, such as raid-shelters, bridges, pre-stressed structures, as well as planning of technological procedure for large-scale elements erection using
"Lift-slab" method.

Team of employees

The Team of employees of our firm consist of experienced architects, construction engineers and technicians. The leading consultants of the "C.M.S. Biro" are licensed for design as mentioned under Items 381 and 310 according to classification of Montenegrin Chamber of Engineers. The consulting engineers of the firm "C.S.M. Biro" have been presented continuously to the Russian market since 1992, and are fully informed about procedure of preparation of design documents in this country, as well as about laws in effect applied to the working out design documentation. Our business activities are characterized by high expert knowledge, efficiency and observance of contracted time for completion. Read more…


Our firm is provided with licenses for the following software which are used in our activities: Microsoft Windows XP Proffesional, Microsoft Office 2007, AutoCAD ver. 2010, ETABS ver. 9.4, Lira, Moномах, Tower Builder ver. 6.0, ArmCAD Radimpex.

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