• Business Centre 2 "СУРГУТНЕФТЕГАЗ" - Surgut
  • Constructed in: 2004.
  • Contractor: "Кonteк", Istanbul-Turkey
  • Project authors:
    Svetislav Martinovic, B.Sc.Arch
    Bogdan Slavica, B.Sc.Arch
  • Designer in charge for the structure:
    Vojislav Marisavljevic, B.Sc.C.E.
  • Structure designer:
    Mirjana Milojkovic, B.Sc.C.E.


1- high administrative part, plan area: 32 x 123 m, height: 40 m.
2 - two-stories garage and tree-stories administrative part of the building Warm connections between buildings No.1 and No.2


TECHNOLOGICAL PROCEDURE FOR EXECUTION OF PRE-STRESSED SLABS IN PACKAGES Slab formwork – slab edges, foil laying, placing of steel elements – steel collars round the columns,steel boxes with fixed nuts on clutch screws for slab hanging Placing of lower reinforcing zone in both directions Laying of cables for slab pre-stressing in both directions according to designed cable tracks Placing of upper reinforcing zone in both directions Slab concreting Steam curing of slabs


SLAB LIFTING TO THE DESIGNED POSITION Start of package lifting Slab lifting Dismounting of temporary grids All slabs of one package in designed positions All slabs packages elevated to the designed positions