• Business center 1 "СУРГУТНЕФТЕГАЗ" - Surgut
  • Constructed in: 1994.
  • Contractor: "КМG Trudbenik", Belgrade
  • Project authors:
    Svetislav Martinovic, B.Sc.Arch.
    Bogdan Slavica, B.Sc.Arch.
  • Chief author of structure:
    Vojislav Marisavljevic, B.Sc.C.E.
  • Author of structure:
    Mirjana Milojkovic, B.Sc.C.E.


A – Administrative part with 9 floors in basis 14x80m, height 36.5m
Б, Ц – lower part of the administrative complex in the 34x14m and 34x22m basis, height 22m
Д – hotel part 20x29m in basis, 18m high. Cabling in the process of making prestressed slabs in the package Lifting slabs in package - Б Prestressed slab sections A2 in the projected position Installation of steel roof structure.

-No. packages to lift: 4 pcs.
-No of slabs in one package: 4-7 pcs.
-Total area of slabs to lift: 6.400 m2
-Maximum weight of one package: 1438 tons
-Lifting height: 26m, 22m
-Total time spent lifting all slabs in packages into projected positions: 72 days.