• Office Building "GENEX", Block 20 – Novi Beograd
  • Constructed in: 1998.
  • Contractor: "KMG Trudbenik", Belgrade
  • Project authors:
    Relja Kostic, B.Sc. Arch
    Ivanka Kostic, B.Sc. Arch.
  • Designer in charge for the structure:
    Vojislav Marisavljevic, B.Sc. C.E.
  • Designer of the structure:
    Mirjana Milojkovic, B.Sc. C.E.


TECHNOLOGICAL PROCEDURE RELATIVE TO COMPLETE EXECUTION AND ERECTION OF PRESTRESSED CONCRETE FLOOR SLABS Execution of pre-stressed slabs "in a package" at the level above the basement Installing technological equipment for application of large-scale floor slabs erection Floor slabs pre-stressing in a package Floor slabs lifting to the designed location Detail of floor slab supported by steel cantilevers

-No. of packages for lifting: 2 pcs.
-No. of slabs in a package: 8 pcs.
-Slab area in the base of a package: 320 m2
-Time for execution of slabs in one package: 11 days
-Weight of a package: 1600 tons
-Lifting height: 30 m
-Time for lifting one package: 10 days.